Autoinfoja is continuously improving its services. New services include a new marketing system, increased team, more training, more efficient maintenance of the website and continuously trying to improve our variety of cars.

These changes have not gone unnoticed as we are currently benefiting from a high number of viewers like never before. Total visitors to the website in 2012 was record high 1,026,000 views. Year to date in 2013 the total number of views are just over 557,000. At this rate we are expecting over 1,500,000 views by the end of the year.

Coupled with that we are noticing that several cities and towns are using Autoinfoja to aid in the vehicle purchasing process. May Pen in particular has made Autoinfoja its 8th most viewed website according to This means that the sites that are ahead of include Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc. That means that Autoinfoja is the most viewed Jamaican based website in May Pen.

However May Pen does not account for the over 557,000 views since the start of the year, as Kingston contributes to over 77% of the views.

Increased visits has led to increased sales and a shorter time between addition of vehicles to the website and actual sale and delivery of the vehicle. We are currently tracking the pace of sales for the year to date. However unofficial figures suggest that the average vehicle after being added to the website takes 3-4 weeks to actually be sold. The record is 3 hours and that was set late last year with the sale of a Honda Fit.

The Autoinfoja team is committed to provide increasingly better service and there are several new items that will be released throughout the year to further enhance the functionality of the website and make it more of a necessity when purchasing a vehicle. We look forward to serving you better.