Dear Customers,

Autoinfoja is currently in its 6th year of operation and this year will see significant changes that will make the buying and selling process easier and lead to better sales and purchases.

First change is that it will cost you $3,000 per car to add it to the website. Included in this cost are the following

- Car stays on the website until it is sold
- We will send a representative to you to take professional pictures and take vehicle details.
- An ad will be placed in the Sunday Gleaner
- One week on the Gleaner website
- A free For Sale sticker with your ID# (Please see the picture in the gallery)
- Weekly update
- Possible buying customer contacts sent to you by email or text

The other changes are listed below,

- Changing hosting company in February - this could result in some down time.

- Adding more callers - this will help add more cars and also update the website more frequently. We are pushing to have the entire website updated daily.

- Adding all car dealers - This is a 90 day program. due to be completed by May 1, 2014.

- Adding all other companies - this will be tied into the classifieds to help with sales.

There are many other items that are due shortly.

I would like to thank all customers for supporting Autoinfoja. We will continue to improve as to make the selling and buying process better.

Thank you.
Sloane Jackson
Founder and CEO