www.autoinfoja.com is the website created with the needs of the consumers and suppliers in mind. Never before did Jamaica have a more concise and accurate source of information than what we have put together. We have a young, active and dynamic team that has worked hard to make the idea a reality. The consumers have always needed a means of verifying the information on the cars, their parts and the services offered for cars without the company related biases. The suppliers have needed a medium that directs the target consumers to their company, products, services, marketing events and campaigns.

We have set out to provide a first class presentation with no ends to the usability and practical application. This has created a one stop shop for all things automotive including general information, motor sports, local news, international news and providing for the first time an online magazine and online series. We also will have the most extensive automotive classifieds which will include bikes, buses, trucks, vans and of course passenger cars both new and used alike. This is also available on mobile phones to increase the usability and practicality.

The classifieds will be tapping into the 50,000 – 80,000 vehicle sales that occur every year which includes the 5,000 new cars and 20,000 used imports. Most of these customers are buying cars based solely on what they know. We are attempting to improve what they know.

Sloane Jackson — Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jodi Jackson — Chief Operations Officer

Douglas Edwards Jr. — Chief Information Officer

Sean Kelly — Consultant

Kurt Jackson — Classifieds Specialist

Jodian Baker — Classifieds Salesperson