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Autoinfoja uses as a tool to gauge the growing popularity in Jamaica in conjunction with Google Analytics. They have currently ranked us at 399th most viewed website in Jamaica. This is a vast improvement from January where Autoinfoja was just outside of the top 1000 most viewed websites in Jamaica.

This is not our highest ranking as we have been ranked as high as 195th most viewed website in Jamaica.

The is not to be confused with most viewed Jamaican based website. As Alexa simply calculate the number views from Jamaicans on all sites and rank websites according number of viewers per day. Of the top 400 websites over 350 of them are websites based in outside countries. The most viewed websites include, Facebook,, Youtube, etc. There are currently only 11 Jamaica based websites that are listed in the top 100 most viewed websites by Jamaicans.

This is prrof that our current marketing strategy is working and that the new items that are being added now will only further enhance that.

A special thanks to our regular visitors. My team and I will continue to improve our services and provide you with the tools needed to make buying the right vehicle easier.